Are gutter guards a good idea?

Gutter guards can do a very good job of keeping gutters flowing freely. If you have large trees in your yard, gutter guards will really save you time and unpleasant work by helping to prevent gutters from clogging. Gutter protectors or other names, gutter screens, helmets or covers supposedly prevent debris from entering rain gutters. In turn, the protectors will reduce the amount of gutter cleaning and save you money in the long run.

Or so the fender sellers say. Years ago, I did a thorough test of almost every Gutter Guard design. I found out that almost all of them fail. Reverse curve designs make it possible to transport small pieces of debris to the gutter, where it is impossible to clean up rotting dirt.

Small debris of all kinds obstructs holes, crevices and dies in the other designs. Most gutter guards fail miserably in the spring when small debris falls from trees like snow in a snowstorm. Mold and mildew are not good for your home. Nor are they good for your health.

That's one of the reasons why installing gutter guards can be a real benefit for everyone. To break it down, the most common materials for clogging gutters are leaves, dirt and other types of natural waste. These materials can also harbor mold spores, which can flourish inside clogged gutters. After reviewing long-term costs, it's safe to say that sewer protectors aren't worth it and are a waste of money.

Gutter Guards do a relatively good job of keeping debris out of gutters, saving you the chore of cleaning gutters. However, gutters still need routine cleaning and maintenance, which defeats the purpose of investing in gutter guards. If you have a curved gutter protection system or one with a solid gutter cover, you've just given wasps, hornets and birds a place to call home. Even with professional installation of gutter guards, they often don't work as they should and cause water to cascade onto the gutter in a heavy downpour instead of flowing into the gutter.

Clean Break Home Services is an award-winning professional home services company offering services such as painting, pressure washing and gutter cleaning in Vancouver. Avoiding such guards and setting up a cleaning schedule for gutters twice a year, according to expert advice, is the best practice. I did a simple mathematical calculation and found that if you only plan to live in your house for 10 years or less, it makes more financial sense not to install the gutter guards. I had mine installed two weeks ago with a new roof and the same thing happened, I have water spilling down the gutters.

Gutter cleaning will not only be more expensive when installing gutter guards, but so will gutter repairs. Small gaps that allow water to pass through may be covered by larger debris, such as leaves, restricting water flow into the gutter. Since homeowners must have at least one annual roof and an annual chimney inspection, cleaning gutters twice a year can be part of a good maintenance plan. However, these do not usually solve the need to clean the gutters and, when they need to be cleaned, make it more difficult.

In addition, there are other problems, such as poor capture of rainwater from the roof and decomposition of fascia boards caused by spillage behind gutters that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. But even companies that install gutter guards recommend periodic cleaning of gutters and the reason is simple. One of the main pitfalls of having mosquito nets or gutter protectors installed is that they often give you a false sense of security. .